Security Services Company


Since 1994, VITON SA is active at the provision of security services, combining high standards of professionalism with undisputed specialization and quality. VITON SA guarantees the efficacy of services provided, since it is proven that the company covers individually each client’s needs, ensuring excellent results.


27+ years of experience
Quality security services, protecting businesses 24 hours a day


Certified services, bearing ISO 18788:2015 (Security Services Provider), as well as ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certifications


Our fully trained staff and our cutting-edge equipment make VITON SA a pioneer in security services


Provision of Security Services

Our clients’ safety is of the utmost importance for VITON SA. The human resources are hand-picked with strict criteria and trained based on up-to-date methods. The company adapts its services based on the specifications set by each client individually, and is able to immediately solve any problem that may arise.



VITON SA supports businesses, by undertaking and implementing technical projects. A team of engineers with a wide range of specialties completes projects with great success, within budget, and always based on scheduling.


Environmental Assessment

Respecting the environment is one of our fundamental values here at VITON SA. The company’s engineers take every care to deliver assessments that will allow for the issuance of building permits, as well as for the implementation and the modification of projects.


Techno-economic Design

Techno-economic design is an absolute prerequisite, in order for every business idea to succeed. Having many years of experience into techno-economic design, VITON SA has excellent knowledge of the complex economic environment, which guarantees excellent results.


Strategic planning

Designing for strategic planning is the most important tool for identifying the possibilities a company has, and at the same time every possible risk each company faces. VITON SA has included well-established professionals in its team, ready to contribute efficiently in the designing of a functional strategic planning.


Architectural-Structural Design

Taking seriously into consideration every applicable rule and regulation, VITON SA undertakes architectural and structural design to guarantee professional results. The company’s staff combines the experience and specialized know-how to be able to deliver efficient designs.


Electromechanical Design

Electromechanical design is related to EM system installation in all types of buildings. VITON SA undertakes integrated planning and design, leading to successful issuing of building permits.


Technical consultant services

VITON SA is also active providing technical consultant services. Having assembled an extensive team of handpicked consultants, we can provide high quality services, aiming at organizing each project individually, with the highest precision possible.



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